2011. március 9. megjelent a WinRAR 4.0

A WinRAR GmbH örömmel tudatja felhasználóival, hogy a sikeres béta tesztelések után a mai napon megjelent a WinRAR 4.0 hivatalos verziója.


A WinRAR GmbH örömmel tudatja felhasználóival, hogy a sikeres béta tesztelések után a mai napon megjelent a WinRAR 4.0 hivatalos verziója.

Természetesen ezzel párhuzamosan a magyar verzió is elérhető 32 és 64 bites verzióban is.


Újdonságok a 4.0 verzióban:


30% faster decompression

Thanks to RAR's improved and highly accelerated decompression algorithm, users can now extract their files up to 30% faster than with previous WinRAR versions. RAR users who normally work with large video or digital picture files will have something to look forward to since the increase in extraction speed is most noticeable with multimedia file extraction.


Save frequently used passwords with the new password manager

Password protection of archives is one of the most important and most popular security functions of WinRAR. A frequently requested feature - a password manager - has been added to the new WinRAR 4. For the first time ever users can define and save their frequently used passwords with the new password organizer function. This way, the passwords can now be applied and retrieved easily and comfortably for file extracting purposes at any time. In addition, users can now extract several different files at the same time as long as they are encrypted with the same password. If no password is entered, WinRAR will automatically skip all encoded archives during the compression process.


Improved Unicode Support

Another highlight of the new WinRAR version is the numerous improvements in Unicode support. For example, WinRAR 4.0 now supports non-English file names. Noticeable improvement can also be seen in WinRAR functions like "Rename", "Convert", "Find" and other commands, in the folder tree panel, in the password request dialog and in many other parts of the WinRAR interface. Thereby the data-transfer with business partners in other continents, that use the Cyrillic or Chinese alphabet has been facilitated. Moreover, reports can now be delivered in HTML or Unicode text files.


Further important innovations in WinRAR 4.0

WinRAR offers better Blu-ray Support: UDF support has been upgraded to UDF 2.50 revision, now making it possible to unpack most Blue-ray ISO files.

WinRAR now offers the users the option to display passwords, if needed. Via the analogous password dialogue in the packing and unpacking process, passwords now can be visible during both processes.


The SFX archive now has an optimized operation status and error messages display. Compared to the previous version, this change reduces the memory usage and improves the extraction process speed

Information about more innovations and bug fixes in WinRAR 4.0 can be found at


“With WinRAR, we provide our users with an improved archive program of great popularity. On this latest version, we have focussed on optimizing the sophisticated functions and on simplifying the usage of our product. Of course, we have also expanded the features of our program. As with each release, we carried out bug fixes to ensure that our program remains compatible, up-to-date and stable.” says win.rar GmbH´s CEO, Öncül Kaya.

WinRAR distinguishes itself through its high compression rate and offers all the advantages of the RAR formats, such as: solid archive system and split archives, recovery records, self-extracting archives, converting functionalities and plenty of security options. At the same time, the program runs smoothly, while using minimal disk space. Apart from the RAR format, WinRAR also supports a long list of non-RAR formats, as well as the ZIP format, and therefore offers the best compatibility in its class.

A tip for all Windows-64-bit-users, it is highly recommended to install the WinRAR 64-bit version. It is faster, and offers the best available integration. WinRAR´s compression speed under Windows Vista and Windows 7 or any other multi-core-system has been increased considerably.

The demo version runs for 40 days without any nag screens. On expiration of the 40 days, users will be prompted to purchase a license.

WinRAR is available in more than 40 different languages and is compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/Windows7. The command line version of WinRAR is also available for Linux, FreeBSD and MAC OS X.

You can find the screenshots here: