2013. május 9. Megjelent a WinRAR 5.0 beta 3

Rövid egymásutánban megjelent beta verziókból ez már tesztelhető állapotú verzió.

Senki se használja  éles környezetben, mivel még nem kiforrott verzióról van szó!

Amennyiben ez a kiadás stabilnak minősül, hamarosan elkészítem a magyar változatot is.


Ami eddig történt:




  1. Fixed XZ archive support, which did not work in beta 2.
  2. "Convert" command did not allow to use compression dictionaries exceeding 4 MB.
  3. If both encryption password and archive comment were specified when creating RAR archive, archive comment was not added.
  4. "View as Unicode (UTF-8)" command in internal viewer did not work, so UTF-8 files were displayed correctly only if their encoding was detected by viewer automatically.
  5. Maximum compression dictionary size when running in Windows XP x86 is reduced to 128 MB. WinRAR cannot allocate enough memory to create archives with 256 MB dictionary in Windows XP x86.
  6. Corrections in relative path processing, such as "..\arcname.rar" name in archiving dialog or "WinRAR foldername" in the command line.






When adding an incompressible file to non-solid RAR archive, beta 1 could duplicate the first megabyte of archived file, resulting in damaged file.

"Add to archive..." context menu command could place a created archive to a wrong folder.





The world’s leading compression software has incorporated a number of innovations for the RAR-format. The new RAR5 format provides many improvements of existing features of WinRAR and creates RAR5 files with higher compression ratio and speed gain on multi-core systems for decompression.Better compression and increase of speed

Due to changes in the RAR format, WinRAR 5.0 Beta 1 can create larger dictionaries up to 1 GB in 64 bit version of WinRAR which leads to higher compression in solid archive mode on large similar files.

The increased of speed derives from the use of multithreaded decompression on multi-core systems for lower redundancy data.

More secure

So far, users of the RAR format have benefited from the integration of 128-bit AES encryption. Based upon popular demand we have upgraded the RAR algorithm to include 256-bit AES encryption to ensure sensitive data is safe from undesired access.

Further innovations of the Beta version of WinRAR 5.0

Based on the demand of many users the limitation of maximum archived file path length in RAR archive is changed from 260 to 2048.

Another major improvement is the new recovery record function which is based upon the Reed-Solomon error correction codes making archive recovery stronger. In test scenarios with a 1 GB archive, 10% recovery record and average damage size of 32 KB, WinRAR was able to fix 9x more damages relative to the previous version. Also, the new recovery record is much more efficient than the old to fix insertions, deletions, not only when data has been modified but when data positions are shifted.

The file identification within RAR archive has been enhanced by using BLAKE2sp hash as a file checksum. With BLAKE2 inclusion, one can definitively detect whether files are different or the same while using CRC32, two different files may share the same value. Furthermore, CRC32 is shorter and therefore there is a small chance it will not detect a corrupt file and some classes of errors unlike BLAKE2.