2013. szeptember 9. Megjelent a WinRAR 5.0 magyarul is!

Végre itt van.

Sokunk örömére végre megjelent a végleges verzió az 5.0-ás WinRAR-ból!


Az újdonságok a 4.20-hoz képest:


5.0. The world’s leading compression software is
now even more advanced and has implemented a variety of innovations further
boosting the performance of WinRAR. The new RAR5 archive format includes many
improvements of existing features of WinRAR and creates RAR5 files with a higher
compression ratio and significant speed gain relative to the competition.

We have a new archive format. When using WinRAR 5.0, you'll not only have the
existing RAR and ZIP compression options but also the new RAR5 archive format.
An assortment of advanced algorithms has been implemented in addition to further
optimization for use with modern software and hardware configurations. Quite simply,
there is no better option for file compression than RAR5.

“It's never been more important to feel confident your sensitive data is safe from
unwanted access and tampering,” says Öncül Kaya, managing director of win.rar GmbH.
WinRAR has always set the standard for quick and easy encryption and that's not
going to seize anytime soon. With WinRAR 5.0, the RAR algorithm has been
upgraded to include 256-bit AES encryption - further ensuring that your data is fully
protected.  With RAR encryption, you can sleep well knowing your data is safe and

RAR archives have always provided a higher compression ratio than the competition.
WinRAR 5.0 can now create larger dictionaries of up to 1 GB in the 64-bit version of
WinRAR which leads to an even higher compression ratio than in previous versions.

Decompression speed has also been increased due to the introduction of a number
of advanced algorithms optimizing the process. The increased of speed derives
primarily from the use of multithreaded decompression on multi-core systems.
Further Additions to WinRAR 5.0
Based on the demand of many users the limitation of maximum archived file path
length in RAR archive is changed from 260 to 2048  characters.
Another major improvement is the new recovery record function which is based upon
the Reed-Solomon error correction codes making archive recovery stronger and
more efficient. In test scenarios with a 1 GB archive, WinRAR was able to fix 9 times
more damages relative to the previous version.
The file identification within RAR archives has been additionally enhanced by using
BLAKE2sp hash as a file checksum. With BLAKE2 inclusion, one may definitively
detect whether files are different or the same. While using CRC32, two different files
may share the same value. This is not the case with BLAKE2.