2014. szeptember 1. Megjelent a WinRAR 5.11 magyarul is

Rövid beta teszt után a mai napon megjelent a WinRAR 5.11 verzió, és annak magyar változata is.

A magyar felületen néhány hiba javításra került, köszönjük Koncz László észrevételét!


Lássuk, mi újdonságot hozott ez a kis hibajavító verzió:


1. WinRAR can unpack TAR archives containing folders with pax extended headers. Previous versions failed to unpack them.


2. "Keep broken files" extraction option is supported for 7-Zip archives.


3. Bugs fixed:
a) WinRAR 5.10 did not set "hidden", "read-only" and "system" file attributes when unpacking ZIP archives;
b) WinRAR 5.10 failed to update self-extracting RAR archives containing nested ZIP archives stored without compression;
c) ZIP archive created with "Do not store paths" option included unnecessary empty name records for folders;
d) archived files could have 1 hour modification time error in Windows XP; e) deleting a file in RAR5 solid archive containing files stored with -ver switch caused such files to lose version information; f) black rectangles were displayed instead of toolbar buttons in 16- and 24- bit screen color modes and Windows custom text size larger than 100.