2016.február 05. Megjelent a WinRAR 5.31

Egy rövidke beta teszt után megjelent az 5.31-es végleges verzió, természetesen magyarul is.

Nagy újdonságokat ne várjatok, a verziószámból is sejthető, kisebb hibajavításokról van szó.

Sok sikert a használatához, azérta rend kevéért lásuk, mi történt az 5.30-hoz képest:


Version 5.31


   1. Following issues are corrected in Windows high DPI mode:


      a) if text size in Windows settings was set to 150% or larger,

         the font size in WinRAR help was not increased accordingly,

         resulting in too small text;


      b) default columns width in WinRAR file list was less

         than expected for 125% or larger Windows text setting.


   2. Interface improvements for right to left languages:


      a) proper text alignment in simple WinRAR prompts, such as

         confirmations to delete archived files or to clear the log file;


      b) "OK", "Cancel", "Help" buttons in multi-page dialogs,

         such as archiving and extraction options or WinRAR settings,

         are aligned correctly and translated to default Windows

         display language.


   3. Bugs fixed:


      a) WinRAR SFX module could load DLL libraries from its own executable

         folder as a result of calling some Windows API functions.

         It could lead to security threat if DLL files with malicious code

         were stored in the same folder as SFX archive. Now SFX module

         takes additional steps to prevent such situation in Windows Vista

         and newer.


         Be aware that users without latest Windows security patches

         installed also as Windows XP users still can be affected,

         so they must be especially careful to run SFX archive from

         a folder without suspicious DLL files;


      b) WinRAR 5.30 failed to run .lnk files from file list.